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    Clown Best Air brush ? Creative coloring

    I have done some coloring but I would like to use air brush technique
    I know there's the bark art airbrush and crazy liberty air brush but I'm sure the experienced creative coloring groomers use a more sturdy one , easy to maintain, and switch colors
    Anyone know of good air brush
    Wonder what Angela Kumpe uses ? Or some of the other contestants I see at the expos?

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    I have the Bark Art airbrush and love it! Idk about in competition, but Angela Kumpe and Lori Craig were using this one in their seminars/demos because they sold it at their booth, which is where I bought mine at Hershey Groom Expo. I have no experience with Crazy Liberty. Iím sure itís comparable. I also bought Angela Kumpes book at that time. It has wonderful instruction, and tips on cleaning your equipment. Have fun with your new purchase.

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    Itzaclip on this board can help you too. You can private message her if she doesn't see this. She airbrushes.

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    Definitely ask Itza.

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    I have used a few different brands. Mostly smaller craft type ones not the larger expensive artsy ones
    I currently own a duff (sold at Michael's for cake spraying) and crazy liberty ( which is same as opawz)
    If you want to see it in action I have videos showing both in use and how to use/ switch colors etc

    Things like about crazy liberty over the duff and a few others is that the compressor turns off when you are not pressing the button. Less wear abs less noise. I love the cap on the ink container as I have splashed the ink out of open topped ones a lot. I even lay it on its side and no leak.
    Once you get the hang of the pen is actually nicer to adjust cause you only have to adjust the screw on the end. With my duff you ended up removing the nice hand grip so that you cous adjust if needed . Both easy to clean.
    I love crazy liberty ink. A Maltese mix I airbrush green and red in Nov still has faint signs of the color. He gets groomed every 6 weeks.
    Showing airbrush features and in use
    Showing trouble shooting
    Showing airbrush highlights

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