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    I am a new groomer (Est. Jan. 2018) that decided to join for the information. I went through academy with a company (I donít know if Iím technically allowed to say what company) and so far Iím loving my job. I donít nessecarily like working for a big company, I think Iíd like it better at a private salon BUT its getting my feet in the water and thatís what matters.

    My favorite dogs to groom are Goldendoodles and Shih Tzus although most of ours are badly behaved for grooming I hope this is a career I can strive in because I truly do enjoy it and Iíve always wanted to work with dogs in some capacity.

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    Hi and welcome to the profession and the board! I am a newer groomer myself and have learned so much here! The experienced groomers are so generous with sharing their knowledge!


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