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Thread: How good is it?

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    Geek How good is it?

    I am adding 4 self serve wash stations to my salon, but I was wondering how much additional income should I be expecting from this?

    I see a lot of business that do only that, how good is it for you?

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    Well figure out how many times a day you are open you expect the tubs to be used, and multiply that by the days you are open. Now one thing and anyone else speak up, I found a place where I worked as the groomer had daily business using the tubs. But the tubs were busiest late in the day after people got off work like 3 to 6 pm, and very very busy Saturdays and Sundays. I wouldn't count on them being busy early weekdays while most people are at work and may not even until later in the day. One exception is where they have you groom full service one of their dogs and they do one of their dogs self service that doesn't need styling.


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