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    Animated Wink Status: Conversion of GroomerTALK Message Board by Summer

    We do anticipate upgrading our software before Summer. Our study is continuing and we will be posting some information that results from it. When the time comes we will give a week or more notice. We anticipate the board will be down 1 or 2 days at most. There should be no loss of information posted here.

    So here's is the test information so far.



    1. The new version is by the same programmers of this current version. It will look and feel extremely familiar.
    2. Much better social media integration.
    3. You do not have to use Tapatalk yet you can. The new board is "responsive" which means without Tapatalk your smartphone or pad/tablet will see the actual message board yet it will adjust the view to your mobile device, and we can even use a custom app similar to Tapatalk.
    4. Much better uploading of attachments and far less restrictions on attachment sizes.
    5. more to come


    1. none yet but lots more still to test

    We will keep you updated here. We are testing all week.
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    Today we further tested some features.

    Posting a message is very similar, but what is EASY as pie is posting pictures from your computer. PLUS you can say post it small, medium or large. And unless your original picture simply HUGE, you will not have to resize to post.

    What else?

    EVERY post has a LIKE button and TWEET button built into the post, very easy to share.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the FAQ section, or in the Board Help Forum. Thanks for coming to


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