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    I am going to have to use a nearby storage center for my van and/or trailer now and in future. We inherited a home and mortgage and for other reasons we will need to live there for awhile. The HOA will not allow us to park my mobile at home.

    So my question is about storage centers. I see some that have mobile vehicles parked there. I have never done this. Can anyone suggest things I need to look out for when storing a mobile at one??? I sure appreciate it.

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    Why not copy down the business names of the vans in storage, and call them up and ask them.

    I'm lucky, I live out in the country with only a graveyard and a herd of cattle to complain about my van...........I also built an attached garage to park in,

    Happy living in the country

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    Years ago I parked my van in a mini storage. Things to look for is access hours, security and cost.

    Place I used had no water or power. Covered RV spots were more money and 40 ft long. I just rented an open spot for $80 month. Lots of trailers there so my van fit right in. No problems

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    If only she could build but that HOA won't allow it I am sure. I did rent a storage space for my van in a similar situation for a year. I like my storage centers more on main street and not some hidden in the background of streets. They feel safer. The place should look very forbidding with cameras and signs pointing that out. Check out the security system carefully and hours must be convenient for you. Obviously don't leave your toolkit overnight and any cash.

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    When I start / takeover a mobile business I probably will face this. Actually if I takeover the mobile business I am considering I could afford to rent a house, not an apartment. So I would have no rent from the storage place. That's cool. I look at some storage centers and some simply much more forbidding and safe than others. Lots more cameras, fencing and I love when the property lives on the property!!!! In fact one place I looked at the owner's house was above the house and the outdoor vehicles were 50 feet away. Their house overlooks the in and out gate too.


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