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    Quote Originally Posted by Krocha View Post
    I was wondering how most people do 10-12 dogs a day if not more by themselves? How do they manage their schedule? It usually takes me about 1-1.5 hours to do a full groom (as long as the dog is not overly aggressive or sensitive) but I can only fit 4-5 dogs a day. How do you schedule your dogs?

    My appointments go like this: 9am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 4:30 pm
    Plus you have to figure out of the 10 to 12, how many get no styling, just bath and nails. Can make a big difference in figuring this out. A groomer doing 12 baths and styles in one day is about 40 minutes per dog depending upon your shop hours. Why work so hard and intense when you can make more money with less work?

    When I worked alone I figured 7 to 8 a day. And I was happy with that as I knew I could grow a larger business and not have to groom more than 8 a day forever, and even less today actually. People ask how I built up a good sized operation and I tell, it's the people. Sure I could have done way more than 8 a day most of the time, but I spent TIME with every customer getting to know them. What's on their mind, what do they think of the grooms, pet health, their health....mind blowing that in 3 years I had over 1,000 regulars and even today I have full time someone at the counter to talk and get to know them. The joy of having some staff is that your body last decades longer without so much wear and tear.

    So not trying to do 10 or 12 a day turned out to be a BLESSING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshmellow View Post
    I limit my self to 8 small to medium regular dogs and I am on my own in the salon. If they are any bigger than say a springer or they are one of my special needs clients then its less to around 6 or 7 , if I have a giant breed or intensive groom then its 6 or less depending on the work involved .

    I hate rushing and the flustered feeling of being rushed. My appointments are typically :

    I still manage to get a chance to Sit and eat dinner ( not always , but most of the time) and get cleaned up by home time. I still have time to chat with clients who want to chat as well.

    Typically , dogs are bathed before cutting, unless its one of my special needs , they have all the cutting done before bath time as they like the bath and dryer so by doing that last they leave on a kinda good note. I digress .... So yeah ... I'll bath and dry each dog then when both are dry i groom each dog and I usually have 20 mins or so to get cleaned up and ready for the ones to to go and for my next to come in and grab a brew or a bite to eat. This works well for me and runs smoothly most of the time. I am able to get most small/medium breed on a regular schedule done in abour 45-75 minutes .
    I do exactly the same. I call them "time blocks". My schedule is slightly different because we are closed Noon till 3pm. So I do;
    3 @ 8am
    30 min lunch @ 11am'ish

    Like Mello said, this varys based on the dogs scheduled and how long they take. I too work alone. Bath, brush, dry. We do have a receptionist that will help check dogs in but I usually like to do it myself to build a repor with the clients.

    I tend to find groomers that kennel dry so not get as good a finish on their dogs. Don't get me wrong as I do belive there is a time and place for kennel drying but picture how that poodle is going to look after being kenneled dried.
    It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see.
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    I used to do 10 a day - or more- entirely on my own without a bather to help. Day started at 8:30 and finished when it finished.
    All dogs are force dried and stand dried, and only put in a cage with a fan on them ( Iím in south Florida so the cages are in the outdoor run , under shade, with HUGE fans on the ends of the cages to take advantage of the natural heat) just to finish faces or tails)
    Dogs all checked in between 7:30 to 10:30am.
    Pickup times established with owners at drop off. Some want to pick up after they get the kids from school or sports, or after work. Some need to pick up earlier for various reasons. Once the times are established itís a matter of triage to see who can be first, who would take more time to finish drying in the outdoor cage (cockers and such with heavy ears), who is elderly or inform and would need a break between bath and table time, etc.
    Then I start. Usually getting two or three bathed and prepped before starting the first groom. Ears cleaned on the tub. Nails dremmelled before force drying while still wrapped in a towel. Force dry. Move to table,to stand dry and brush. Pads and sani trims done. Pet brushed. Moved to outside dryer. Repeat with next dog. Do third . Should only be 75to 90 minutes used so far.
    Start first groom, then second. Bathe two more. Third groom. Bathe another one or two, Groom two. Follow through until done. My days generally ended at 5 or so. Then it was time to clean the room and equipment, enter notes for the day and prep for the next day. Thatís another 45 minutes to an hour.

    Now I have a bather and weíre averaging 14 to 16 a day. She canít start until 11:15 since sheís taking college classes ( returned after a break and she graduates June 1st - so proud of her!) but we donít finish until 6 most days. And we limit large or overly labor intensive dogs to no more then three a day. Truthfully I donít think anyone could do a dozen standard poodles, or Bichons, or other shaggy beasts without screaming into the night afterwards. Fortunately Iíve been in place long enough that each day is 75% regulars so there are relatively few surprises coming in.

    Iíve found that itís mostly a matter of concentrating and staying focused. Some people listen to things with headphones, I canít. I tend to mentally re-read my favorite books while I work. It allows me to block out a lot of distractions from the hospital bustle. That helps a lot.

    Donít know if any of that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poodlefeet View Post
    There's a video of Particentral grooming 5 dogs in 3 hours. It IS a 3 hour video, but very interesting to watch and see how she does it-she is her own bather for the video.
    I can't seem to find it, can you add a link to it? I am interested in watching it...

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    Took me a bit to figure out how to find it. And I stand corrected. 5 dogs in TWO hours, not three.

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