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    Confused Pink The owners get what the owners want.

    This is Seneca. She was a boarding guest that was scheduled for grooming the day before she was to be picked up. The notes the owner left stated that she wanted her "shaved" all one length that was the length of her back and to leave the wispys on her ears. Because she awas boarding client I was not there when the dog was initially dropped off to go over the grooming with her. This was her first time being groomed with us as well so I had nothing previous to go on, just the notes that were left.

    Looking the dog over I saw that all the fluff was just dead coat that needed to be stripped out. Doing this I could obtain the length of the back the owner requested without actually "shaving" the dog. I assumed that the owner probably thought that the only way to get rid of the fluff was to shave her. I decided I would call her to explain this and see if she would just want a good tight trim instead of shaving and to go over what shaving her might do to the coat.

    We had a bad phone connection and I lost her so I sent her a text. I HATE texting when trying to explain something like this. I tried sending her a pic of the coat being brushed to show my point and made the grooming suggestion to her. She stated that she wanted it taken down the length of the back for the spring. I then asked if she has ever had her shaved before. She then said yes, at PetSmart, and that if I did not feel comfortable doing the groom to just not do her and she would take her elsewhere if it was a problem. Did not expect that response. :s

    So I politely texted her that I appreciated her time and answering my questions and that I wanted to ensure that I meet her expectations and that she would be satisfied with the groom. That Seneca would be all cleaned up when she arrived for pick up. I wasn't there when she picked up but reception said she seemed happy. She came out ok, but would have looked so much better IMO if we just did a good trim.

    Well, the owner gets what the owner wants I guess.
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    It is really hard when you can't talk to the client at drop off. I think she turned out well, but I agree she just needed all that fluff stripped, brushed out. Oh well as long as the owner was happy, you did your job well.
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.

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    I think so too. I hate at least sometimes when others take a service order and don't give me the details. You were spot on under the circumstances.


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