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    I don't want anyone to share anything that risks your real customers. But I am curious how customers setup arrangements for you to go in and groom the pets and you lock up. Is it really as simple as they leave you a key in hidden place and you put it back? If something happened and someone else got the key do you have to have insurance to cover this? Your help is appreciated.

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    Either garage code, hidden key, go in back yard. We do it all the time. Once a client is a regular, there is a trust there. Some clients now have remote unlocking through a smart phone and smart lock.

    Most of our clients are home or have a family member there.

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    I have a variety of ways getting into homes..........the easiest is the garage code.......but I also make sure I carry a variety of batteries, because the battery in the code box sometimes dies and the owner, who never uses this box but a remote in their car, doesn't know its dead. The second way is a key, I mark all keys with the dog's first name, so if someone would steal these keys, they wouldn't know who's house it goes to. I also have clients who leave a key,.... yes....., under the door mat. One client used to hid a key in his bar-B-Q grill, another slips a key inside an envelope that is taped to the inside of the screen door.

    Happy slipping in the back window

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    I see, thanks so much.

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    Pretty much the same as Dolly. Some change their code to get in for my day, and then they can change later that day for their peace of mind.


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