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    My question is I want to work from home. I have a building in my back yard that would be perfect for my dog grooming business. I have no experience with grooming dogs but I was a hairstylist for 30 yrs. I cut my dogs hair today and I did a pretty good job . What do I need to start this business. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Sharlotte

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    You need TRAINING, TRAINING, and more TRAINING. It's very different than being a hairstylist. I've been a groomer for more than 40 yrs, that doesn't mean I can instantly start 'grooming' people. If you don't have a grooming school in your area, there are online courses you can take. You could try applying for a bathing job at a local salon. You would get some hands on dog handling experience, and see what this profession is all about. Not as easy as you may think.
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    A lot of people go into grooming as a 2nd career, so it can definitely be done.
    My advice is to learn about safe dog handling and dog health. The one thing that can destroy a business (and your heart) is hurting, or worse, killing a dog.
    Grooming is more serious than human hair styling, just in the sense that there can be a life & death situation boom! Some dogs have health issues that might kill them, so get a health history! Some have a history of attacking -- they might injure or kill other dogs if you don't find out about that history and keep them away from other dogs. Simple mistakes, like not noticing that a bit of shampoo has gotten int he dog's eyes, can lead to pain for the dogs and anger from owners, as well as vet bills. I groom cats and have learned this is a health service, not just grooming. Good luck!!

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    Handling a squirmy dog is different than a women sitting still in a chair but you can do this as both girls above said with training! Work in a shop for a while to see if you like this kind of work. Doing your own pet that you love in a leisurely manner is different than working under pressure with an obstinate, uncooperative(not all are like this but a large portion are)dog that does not want to be groomed. Best wishes!

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    Hi can be done. Here is a link to a blog, written by Debi Hilley about a gal who is self taught.

    I am sort of self taught, I worked BRIEFLY, in 2 salons. I went to 2 different schools, read blogs, have watched videos, and gone to grooming expos. I do not have a lot of dog handling experience. And what little I do have is because I have reached out to people. I would probably watch every video I could find if I were you. And read.. there are a lot of training books, dog behavior books, etc. While I was a hair dresser for a short time in my 20's.. I do use some techniques, like for trimming the head. Other than that.. it's a totally different ballgame. Heck, it's not even the same ball sport lol.

    You have to learn how to blow dry properly, how to heat/stretch/fluff dry.. even if you never use it (you can short cut sometimes by using the open nozzle).

    Also there are several books, here that you can get started with.!!!

    Read blogs, watch vids.. I would try to get in a salon or school somewhere.. just to give you the basics.

    Good luck in your journey!!
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    I would like to add that you MUST make sure your city/town/county allows you to operate a business there. Is your house on a septic system for example, It may not be legal then to use a home septic for business, or there are limitations on how many you can serve. There are truly hundreds of possibilities to make this a no go, so be really careful before you invest. Hopefully you can but I know where I live I cannot even run a business in my house if more than 1 customer a day comes to the house.


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