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    Not at all. But as an employer I NEVER expect that of my employees. That is important.

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    I am glad we all have our specialties like this. What else do others do that goes against the norm?

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    Default I need help.....

    How can I tell the shihtzu owners to put the scissors and clippers away and leave anny and all hair cutting to me , because while they think they are helping, the are really making things hard for me .

    They rang to say the have shaved his body to try and " help " me but the can't do his head ears or legs. Eurgh ... I need help setting some firm rules if I'm gonna do this guy regularly.

    1. Leave any and all hair trimming to me
    2. Set up a regular grooming schedule every x amount of weeks alternating between a bath and a full do
    3. Needs to pre book due to him needing to be the only dog in the salon and it has to be an afternoon appointment.
    4 . he's short all over until I feel he can have a style that can be done safely.
    5. He must be brushed daily to get him used to being handled regardless of his coat length
    Any other ideas would be helpful !

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    Wouldn't you love to throw a complete drama queen hissy fit when owners say they took a scissors or clippers to their dog? How dare they mess with your artistry? (Even if it's a 7 all over-they don't know that!) Would make an awesome poster.
    Maybe show pictures of the style you have in mind for their dog. You are working on getting Fluffy to the point where you can safely do this trim on him, but these are the steps that need to be followed in order to get him there.

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