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    Jiggy Finished business plan in January

    We did the business plan and the floor plan and we found a place likely to lease. It was a busy month but we are having lots of fun. We go to our bank meeting next week for a business loan. Stephen was great going over our floor plan with us for at least half an hour. It was based on the new place we want to lease. I look at a plan and there are few things to talk about. Listening to him it was like a semester course. He covered everything from the placement of windows to groomers for natural light to preventing escaping pets to plugs to pipes and all to minimize our costs, and how to negotiate the costs with the landlord. We were truly like who talks like this but realized he's right!

    We had asked questions some months ago here and thanks for your help everyone. This is our dream coming true and it is fun to share. I think I can spend some more time catching up here. One thing when you write a plan is that you become so immersed. You may stop but hours later you are still thinking about it, but it was all good and better.

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    Happy for you. It is chore to write one. That is cool you get an evaluation. Good luck at the bank.

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    I am just starting my floor plan now that the home business property has been decided. We have a big great outbuilding to use for our floor plan.


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