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    Oops Grooming school or bather job?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the grooming world and eager to learn. This is a career I really see myself thriving in.

    Im looking into a local grooming school(Southern California). 8 weeks/160 hours priced at $2500 dollars.
    My question is will the amount of hours in this course teach me enough to get my foot in the door to the grooming world? Or is it just a glorified bathers class?

    I've seen other courses very far from me clocked at atleast 300 to 400 hours. I not naive, i know it takes way more than 8 weeks to learn this awesome craft. But, is it enough to know the basics and learn more on the job?

    OR Would becoming a bather at a groom shop be a better idea? I live in a small city in a desert with about 15 groom shops but never see open bathing positions (other than pets market* trying to stay away from retail if I can).

    Do you just go into businesses and ask if they are hiring bathers? How do you ask someone to teach you how to groom? Is there a right way?

    I'm very shy and suffer from anxiety, this has greatly hindered my ability to put myself out there, hence why I've stayed at the same job for 11 years. Animals bring out the best in me, especially dogs. Thats why I feel like I can do this. I'm loving, warm and kind but also pay great attention to detail, can follow instructions and even though I'm shy, I give great customer service (it's know weird)

    All in all, I feel so rusty at interviewing and how to sell myself especially in a new career field. I'm also lost on if I should take this class or if it's just a waste. They have job placement but have heard mostly in retail, which isn't isn't a bad thing atleast they help you. Wouldn't working in the well known retail stores help get my 1 year experience to get a grooming job?

    Any help would be appreciated. Also, sorry for all the questions.

    Thank you! <3

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    Saturday is a busy day, so you might be able to get hired for Saturdays. You can use the rest of the week to earn a living. See if the reality matches your interests.
    It's not that easy to be a skilled bather! I was pretty bad at it when I started grooming cats.
    Grooming isn't really about you and whether you're perfect, too shy or too anxious. It's about serving animals and their owners -- it's about them, not me or you.

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    You may find jobs in your area in the help ads here.

    Comparing grooming school to a bather job, apples and oranges. A bathing job is a wonderful idea to make sure you like grooming, so you know what it is really like. But a bathing job is not DIRECT training in finish grooming at all. At grooming school you will get some training in finish grooming basics. Yes in up to 300 hours you will only get basics, even 500 hours, more yes, but basics still.

    Get your basics. I would invest a few hundred dollars in the Jodi Murphy dvd collection for quality and value. I would also get a monthly membership at and watch and watch. Of course for books you need Notes from grooming table and Dog Grooming Simplified.

    So realize a bathing job doesn't give the basics for any finish work normally, but a great bath and dry is the all important basis for a great groom.

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    The grooming school will give you the basics which will include bathing and drying-these are the cornerstone to good grooming. What do they offer for that $2500? Any equipment? Go to the school and check them out. Do they offer any placement assistance when you complete the course? Talk to students and former students if possible. Check out their credentials. Completing the course will give you some experience to get your foot in the door at a shop. I think you'll reach your goals faster with some formal training. Good luck.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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