All winners get the same prize. Their choice of 1 Kenchii shears. Available shears shown on this page:


Maximum cost per shear is $100. Contest is sponsored by PetGroomer.com.

Contest opens Friday, December 29, 2018 and closes on February 14, 2018.

3 winners are chosen by a DRAWING. See below to how you can get tickets in the drawing. All tickets are FREE.

* Start a new thread/discussion during game period and you get 5 tickets per new thread.
* Every time you post a reply during game period you get 1 ticket in the drawing.
* Play the Famous Sweethearts Trivia Contest. If you are the first to post the correct answer to any trivia questions you get a bonus 10 tickets in the drawing. Even if the correct answer is already posted by another member, post it again or your guess. You still get 1 ticket for posting.

This contest is open to ALL registered members in the US and Canada (except Quebec) but you must be 18 years of age when you participate, and the contest is void where prohibited. If the winner is Canadian you must pay any customs fees and duties, and taxes. US residents are responsible for any taxes that may apply. Find A Groomer Inc. will manage the contest. Please do not contact Kenchii, we at Find A Groomer inc are hosting the contest. Contact the Admin on this board. Spam type posts are not counted and will be deleted as well as any posts unrelated to discussions into which they are posted and obviously posted just to get tickets.