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    Animated Wink Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania - Near Philadelphia

    Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania is the only training center for grooming professionals in Southeastern Pennsylvania that is licensed by the PA Department of Education. Located in Langhorne, PA (next to Sesame Place) just 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia and 13 minutes from Trenton, the school provides an unparalleled learning environment. Courses are taught by James Connors, an experienced, licensed teacher, who has owned multiple salons, a successful mobile grooming business and a large pet sitting company. Mr. Connors taught in the New Jersey public school system, which makes him a skilled teacher and Dog Groomer, unlike other instructors who may not even hold a college degree.

    Your experience as a student will mimic working in an actual grooming shop. Clients from the local community bring their dogs in for discounted grooming by our students. Students are learning onsite in an active, working grooming enterprise. All dogs are hand fluff-dried--never dangerously cage dried.

    Students groom on electric tables providing safety to the student for back and neck support. We offer a 100-hour Basic Dog Grooming course (four weeks) and an additional 150-hour Advanced course (six weeks). Our goal is to teach students basic dog grooming skills so that they can venture out and start earning money as Pet Stylists immediately after graduation.

    Most students cannot take off work for several months to enroll in a dog grooming class as they need an income to survive. Our four-week course is plenty of time to kick-off a successful career as a Pet Stylist. Just ask our past graduates or our instructors! For out-of-town students, studio apartments with full kitchens are available for rent at the Residence Inn, which is 4 minutes from the school.

    Please give us a call at (215) 752-1111 with any questions and visit the Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania website at
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    I sent someone over there yesterday that needs a school real close to Philly. We will see how it goes.


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