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    Customer must've been pleased too! Good on you!
    There are many members on here who are 50+, and quite a few for whom this is a midlife career change, myself included. Hot showers, gentle stretching, and ibuprofen are my best friends.

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    Good for you!
    A lot of groomers move away from doing large dogs as the groomers age. So that's an option, as you get busy enough to be able to turn down some work. If you don't love the big dogs, you might be able to back away from them over time.
    The great thing about being over 50 is that we have enough confidence to make the changes we need to make. For example, I bring very few tools to my house call cat grooming appointments. It would be fun to have a few more tools, but not fun enough to justify back aches. So I just don't bring the and it works out fine.

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