My aunt has an employee who wants me to groom her senior golden cross, heís been groomed all his life but a few years or so ago his regular groomer said she could no longer groom him since he had a seizure (corporate policy I assume) His owner has tried grooming him at a vet and a mobile and heís seized every time, I guess they never told her when it happens, but I have a hunch itís from the dryer. She said shes fine if I cant bathe him, I dont own a dryer, she just wants him clipped down so heís easier to maintain for them since theyíve always bathed him at home between grooms. I have no experience with housecalls and donít personally know anyone who does so Iím just wondering what to expect. I have done a few dogs with seizure history but thankfully none have seized on me yet, Iíve watched a few videos about what to expect from a seizure and the whole family will be there in case something does happen. So my question is, how does the housecall process work? Especially with a big dog? How much do you typically charge for a housecall?

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