For the Holidays 2017 season we have TWO contests, with big prizes. Read carefully, these message board games are not quite the same as our usual contests


1) Santa's Cash Game - once a day you can post on the board in the game thread the dollars and cents (to the penny) that you think is in Santa's Bag of presents. When someone guesses correctly to the penny, Santa will write a check for that amount to you. Easy to play! The amount in the bag is somewhere between $1.00 and $500.00.

Remember you can enter a guess ONCE A DAY ONLY, so keep coming back daily and post to win. We hope to close the contest on December 24, 2017. If we need to post hints we will as we get closer to December 24 and no one has yet won with a correct exact guess. You must be 18 years of age when you play this game. Void where prohibited. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

START your daily guess here:

2) Here we go again. The 7th Annual Master Blaster HV Dryer giveaway here at Starting December 10, 2017 you can earn tickets in the drawing. NOW THIS IS REALLY DIFFERENT!!! THERE ARE DAILY WINNERS, AND THEN A FINAL DRAWING FOR ONE WINNER OF THE DRYER. Thank you to for their prize donation. Open to registered members of GroomerTALK.

Every day until December 24, 2017 we will have a DAILY DRAWING, 1 WINNER PER DAY. The DAILY WINNER has their name entered the FINAL DRAWING ON CHRISTMAS DAY 2017. The winner of the FINAL DRAWING wins the Master Blaster. So you want to win 1 or more of the DAILY DRAWINGS. How do you enter? Everyone that posts a message reply or starts a new thread has their name entered in the DAILY DRAWING FOR THAT DAY. So come by everyday and post something, and check to see if you were the winner of the previous (if you posted something). How easy is that to enter? At this time we are not planning any trivia questions to win bonus drawing tickets. First drawing is Friday, November 10, 2017 and anyone that posted a message thread or reply to a thread is eligible. Please note you must be 18 years of age when you posted to WIN, you can post on the board if you are not 18, but to win a game you must be 18 years. Void where prohibited. Open to U.S. residents. Open to registered members of GroomerTALK.

You can check the daily winners here, and yes, you can win more than 1 daily drawing.

THIS THREAD IS GENERAL INFO ONLY. Please post your entries in separate threads for each contest. Thanks and good luck!