At the Healthy Spot Styling Academy, we are committed to teaching to the highest standards in pet care and grooming. It is important to us to emphasize pet safety and create positive, authentic experiences, one pet at a time. We believe that a studentís success is all about the training experience. Thatís why we offer programs for all skills levels. Our programs include:

Level 1: Certified Bather
Level 2: Certified Pet Groomer
Level 3: Certified Pet Stylist

Youíll learn from internationally recognized, award-winning groomer Donna Owens. With over 30 years of experience in the pet grooming and styling industry, Donna has become a respected teacher, speaker, and judge; perfect for leading students through our Academy. We believe that learning from the best teachers fosters the best talent!

Whether you are new to the grooming world or looking to sharpen your skills, we would love to consider you for one of our programs! Classes take place in our state-of-the-art facilities in Southern California. The salon area is an open, modern, environment complete with hydraulic tables, styling stations, and studio lighting.

We understand that everyoneís schedule is different, and thatís why we offer part-time or full-time options for each of our classes. Apply today and start your career in dog grooming!