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    Skullish Groomers Choice Gallons of Shampoo Contest Fall 2017" Bonus Drawing Tix - Trivia #28

    You can win 10 extra tickets in the Groomers Choice Gallons of Shampoo Contest Fall 2017. Each trivia question you win by answering correctly first awards you 10 extra tickets in the contest. We usually keep providing hints until a winning answer is posted. Post your guesses to this trivia question below ONLY in THIS thread please. Even if you are wrong you get 1 extra ticket in the drawing. Even if someone has posted the right answer in your opinion, post it again to get your extra ticket. Your answers should be specific. Not all are pet or grooming related.

    You may guess up to 2 times in this thread.

    For all contest details click this link:

    Groomers Choice Gallons Fall 2017 Trivia Contest #28

    Which President was in office when Thanksgiving became an annual holiday?
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    President George Washington

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    Abraham Lincoln.

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    President Abraham Lincoln


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