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    Default Hello from Slovenia!


    I am just a pet owner (not a groomer or soon-to-be groomer).
    I have a 2 1/2 year old Havanese named Luna.

    She is quite active and gets into a lot of messy stuff (mud, sticks, grass seeds, water...) on walks, so I like her in a puppy cut - especially becaue she does not enjoy getting groomed.

    She is much better about it now than she used to be, sonce I took it nice and easy (like cliping one claw a week, touching her legs with scizors but not cutting...).
    Now I can clip all her claws in one go (with treats after every one) and cut away at her belly and legs (the places she was most sensitive to before).

    Well as you have probably figured out, I groom her myself. But I have never had any lessons in trimming dogs and I have never reaserched it before either, because all I cared about was that she got better with grooming and that she doidn't get mats. That means her fur always looked kind of choped up and not all that pretty...

    So I am here to hopefully learn a bit about grooming and then practise it on Luna (she will love that LOL).
    I find the hardest parts are her but, chest, beard, feet and legs.

    And because I love showing her off, hete are pictures!

    As a tiny puppy (her registered name was going to be Lucinda, but was later changed to Lunapark Lucy)

    About 5 months old (we didn't brush/comb her, because she wasn't matting-big mistake)

    First trim at 9 months(the groomer did it)

    After her spay she wore a mesh like thing so she wouldn't bother it (1 1/2 years)

    The mesh totally messed up her fur-she had one big layer of matt all around her body (we could have corded her fur LOL). I shaved everything I could get to... So she looked like a schnauzer.

    Then we wen't to the groomers and sadly forcefully shaved the rest (me holding her by the beard and the groomer shaving as quickly as she could).
    That turned in to a mattless dog and one that hated grooming even more...

    So that was the last time she wen't to the groomers and all the grooming was done at home.

    She went from completely shaved to quite fluffy many times...

    Ok...that should be enough pics... lol

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    Hi Maistjarna, i just joined this forum today too. Btw, Luna is adorable!

    As a fellow pet owner (who learned through trials and errors too), I find its best and easiest to condition them by doing it everyday, brush them with pin bursh and comb (even if there is no hair, just run the brush lightly on their body), teach them to lay down/on their side while being brushed, cut tiny bits of nails and brush their teeth everyday and dont forget to reward them afterwards. Its also great because you get to check their whole body's health. Soon before you realized it, she's be enjoying it and looking forward for her daily grooming time.

    I have 6 shihtzus that i groom daily, they fall asleep when i brush them. But i am strugging with nail clipping and ear plucking atm because i have been slacking (huge mistake, they were so good before ), so yeah, best not to skip regular grooming routine.

    I think its worth it to invest in good grooming products. I use madan pin brush and comb, i've used them for 7 yrs now. I have recommended it to many friends who struggles with brushing their dogs, and they all agrees it helps calming their dogs.

    I find common petstore combs easily rusts, which pulls on their hair. These madan brush and comb glides through their hair very nicely and with the right comb and brush (which doesnt pull on their hair), they actually love being groom, its like having a full body rubs i think. I know some dogs who begs to be brush after their owner got their madan that they have to hide their brush away There are many other brands like vellus, #1 all system, chris Christensen etc. But in my country they're way too expensive, so you can check them out too.

    Brushing everyday is good time saving too, any new tangles you can easily sort out before it becomes bigger and more knotted (which is painful to untangle and makes them hates grooming more).

    Shampoos and conditioner helps a lot too. I use Vellus most of the time, but sometimes i also use #1all and purepaws. Good shampoos and conditioner helps making their coat softer, smells good longer and helps reduce tangles. They also have sprays for before you brush to avoid static and detangler spray to use when dealing with mats (but if you brush everyday, its rarely needed).

    When she's better at being groom, it will be easier to clip and trim her. You seems to be on the right track now with conditioning her with grooming. But i think these products can help you a lot. Happy googling, i know it can be overwhelming but it pays off Good products = happy dogs = happy owner (if only i was this dedicated on doing research during my school years). Cheers!

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    I have a madan pin brush It was given to me by Luna's breeder. She said it was the best brush for havanese fur and that it isn't available here in Slovenia so she ordered one for every puppy.
    I have a plush puppy comb and it looks just like the madan one (the one with half of the teeth closer together).
    The shampoo and condicioner I use is also plush puppy and I have some plush puppy sprays and a moisturizing foam.
    I have bulary dog claw clippers and a Bulary flea comb (I like to use it on her face)
    I have Oster dog shears and clippers. The clippers aren't the best, but good enough for me.

    I have a slicker brush I do not know the brand of, but it looks like this

    Because there are many types of shears I am ataching a photo of the type of shears I have.

    And the clippers I have look like this

    I think I have enough good quality grooming suplies. The only thing that could be useful is a grooming table, but it doesn't make sense to have one when I am grooming one dog in a puppy cut.

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    Oh I don't think she will ever say yay to grrooming, but will just tolerate it. It really depends on the dog though. My neigbour had a shitzu that asked to be groomed and now she has a new one that runs away from grooming even though she did the same thing with her new dog that she did with her old one.

    I am terrible at sticking to day to day grooming... That is something I will have to change...

    Thank you for youre advice!


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