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Petedge still havent shipped my 7F, we'll see when they will finally ship it, its becoming ridiculous.
I have been wiping the bottom of the blade before clipping now and they're not red anymore, yay. i will wait for petedge, i dont want to have too many blades (petedge supposed to give me 2 7F).
Btw, my old clipper's charger is becoming loose and the battery doesnt hold that long anymore, so i want to buy a small clipper to do their feet. Is BravMini+ any good? or any other suggestion? Can the blade be resharpened (i read somewhere that says its detachable, so i'm hoping it is). Is all mini trimmer wireless? (i kinda like corded so i dont have to deal with dying batteries).
As I said before the Bravara Mini does have a detachable blade but only a set 30 blade is made for it. Regular Bravara has the 5 in 1 blade (9,10,15,30,40 lengths)The Lil Peanut is a corded mini clipper with a detachable blade but again only a 30 blade. The Lil Peanut 30 blade cuts really shorter than it should, imo. I only have it for hubby to manscape, I never use it in salon. Of course all the above clippers have attachment combs that can be used with them.