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    Grin Hello, Pet owner looking for Clipper Information

    Hello from Indonesia everyone! I stumble upon this group looking for clipper information. (Should i ask here? or at the Grooming Tools TALK?)
    I have 6 shih tzus, 1 mix mini poodle and 1 cat, they weight around 4-7kg, which all i groom by my self for 7 years now.
    I learned to groom them from watching youtube videos, did many trials and error which resulting to lots of ugly haircuts (thankfully they never mind and i will fix it when their hair grows out again, but it does makes me cringes when i saw their old photos hahaha).

    Before, i had them on full coat for show but now since i dont show them anymore i keep them in asian haircut/korean haircut like maltese obsession's youtube videos.
    I usually cut them using asian pet clipper from petstore (there is no blade size/brand), i use it with 3mm plastic comb for the body, and without comb for the feet (i do the poodle feet on them), rear area and underbelly.
    For the head and face i use madan's curve shear.

    One day a friend told me why dont you use profesional clippers like Wahl or Andis, it will save you so much time.
    I bathe each dog per day, clip them monthly. Bathing and clipping one dog's whole body and face usually will takes me 2-3hours. and i would love to be able to do it in less time so i can do 2 dog per day.
    My current clipper is about similar size with the bravura, and i also use it sometimes without the comb for the eye corners, so i dont think i will need any mini trimmer, im planning to use the same clipper for the body for the face, is it possible?

    I have read the threads here and i see most people love the bravura. I do too even though its a bit pricey, but if its whats best suited for me i dont mind investing for my furkids.
    Its just i'm worried if its too "professional" for me, i have the vaguest idea about blade size and ss comb. i did googled and watch youtubes but i guess unless i see it first hand the i will never fully understand how it works.
    My friend will be going to the US on september, so she told me she can get the clipper for me.

    I am torned between:
    bravura + SS comb (and i think i should get an extra 5in1 blade just in case) = total is approx. $221
    KM5 -comes with #10 (i found KM5 for $111) + #30 + SS comb = total is approx. $165
    I dont mind working corded (my pet clipper's battery was weak so i had to use it corded for few years now)

    and i wonder if my logic is correct, #10 i will use without the comb for the feet, rear and underbelly area, while the #30 + SS Comb for the body. Am i right?
    if so, you see why i wondered whether the bravura 5in1 will be an overkill for me, i dont see the other blade sizes other than #10 and #30 is useable for me.
    But, is changing the KM5 blade from #10 to #30 back and forth will be too complicated (will it need screw driver to change it?)
    if i cant managed to get the KM5 for total $165 then i think i will jump to bravura, but if i do, is the $56 worth it?
    plus, which one is more hardy? corded or cordless? since i cannot easily send them for service.
    Oh, i always brushed, bathe and dry them before clipping, so there wont be any mats.

    Here is pictures of my grooming atm (please excuse some of the uneven clips and cuts), just so you get and idea of what i do.
    Really looking forward for your insight and input.
    Thank you

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    Actually some of these companies make lower quality versions for pet owners too. I am not suggesting that though. I would suggest you take a STARTER COURSE like the for just $299 and they will help you with a basic grooming toolkit. Very economical.

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    Haven't used either clipper (Andis user), but I would think since you want to do 2 dogs at a time, the corded clipper might be a better choice. Given the groom time for each dog, you may need a re-charge in between for the Bravura. I don't think you'll need a screwdriver to change blades. Should be easy on and off.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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