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    Animated Wink Groomer Saw Too Many Thin Dogs...Created Puppy Pantry

    The dog, a black-and-white pit bull mix, stops by Groovy Grooming Galz, a dog grooming service in West Price Hill, every day with two young boys to say hello to the owner, Tammy Diebold-Ballachino. The boys walk her with a lead, but without a collar.

    Midnight also visits the store solo.

    Diebold-Ballachino said the dog, who runs away at least twice a week, comes to her store when she escapes not to be groomed, but to eat.

    On a recent visit with the boys, it became clear why Midnight sought food.

    "They told me they only had two scoops of food left in her bag," Diebold-Ballachino said. "It got me thinking about what I could do to help.

    "And then I was like, 'Well, how about we do a pet pantry box?'"

    And it was in that moment the "Puppy Pantry" was born.

    Inside the "Puppy Pantry," people can find toys, food,
    Inside the "Puppy Pantry," people can find toys, food, treats and more for their dogs. The pantry, which sits outside of Groovy Grooming Galz in West Price Hill, operates on a "take what you need, leave what you don't" basis. (Photo: Provided/Tammy Diebold-Ballachino)
    The pantry, which now sits outside the groomer, is a whimsical mailbox filled with food, treats, toys and more for dogs of all sizes. It operates in the same way as the popular neighborhood "Little Free Library" — take what you need, leave what you don't.

    But while Midnight was the dog who eventually led Diebold-Ballachino to the idea for the pantry, the groomer had known before then she had to do something to help the dogs in her neighborhood — which is why she began Groovy Grooming Galz in the first place.

    The groomer, located at 4536 W. 8th St., opened in April after Diebold-Ballachino decided to leave 20-plus years of bartending to focus on her passion: helping dogs.

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    "It was my calling," the 48-year-old said of grooming, which she went through two years of schooling to do. When she's not at work, she also volunteers with Fourgotten Paws Animal Rescue and takes care of four rescue pups of her own.

    Grooming is often an afterthought to some dog owners, she said, but some dogs depend on regular services for their health. While costs vary depending on dog and size, they can add up: According to Angie's List, standard grooming can run up to $90, not counting extra services such as nail trimming, flea treatments and teeth cleaning.

    Diebold-Ballachino knows this well — "How can people afford to have a dog groomed for $80?" she asked — so she decided to open up shop in West Price Hill to better serve those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to bring their dogs to the groomer.

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    It was once she opened in April that she began noticing how many thin dogs were running around the neighborhood.

    "I see skinny dogs at least twice a week at work," she said, adding that she sees several more when she's driving.

    Midnight, the black-and-white pit bull mix that visits
    Midnight, the black-and-white pit bull mix that visits Groovy Grooming Galz every day, was the Puppy Pantry's first visitor. (Photo: Provided/Tammy Diebold-Ballachino)
    So, after Midnight, she made it a mission to not only help the community keep their dogs groomed, but keep them well-fed, too, through the Puppy Pantry.

    Diebold-Ballachino said the pantry, which went up July 11, has been successful so far. In fact, one day after it went up, local pet food and supply store Pet Wants Cincy West dropped off 20 pounds of food to add to the kibble, treats and toys she bought to get it up and running.

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    It's also already been used by those who need it most, Midnight being the first.

    And she made off like a bandit: Food, treats — and a brand new collar...........
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