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    I'm currently checking out a few cities around the US that i would want to open my own one man grooming shop. Ideally i would want a to have one in my house however ill be renting a house before i decide to buy so how would i go about bring that up to a landlord and since the location will more the likely be across the county i would need it to me in a simi busy location to attack clients since ill be new to the area and dont have any yet. Another option is rent a small commercial space just worried about being able to afford covering 2 leases is a little overwhelming... Or locating a doggy day care or vets office i could rent a space from and run my business from there it would be totally separate from the them though id book my own own appt and responsible for my equipment and marketing ,payments etc. has anyone ever done that before and how did it go?

    Is there a business consulting group that specializes in helping someone open their own shop as in finding a location knows the zoning rules and county rules and licenses i may need for multiple locations help me with thing that might need to be altered in the space to support a grooming salon, marketing. Basically a guide to walk me through and help me.

    I dont think i would quality for a business loan for extra funding help would a personal loan be a good option ?I have never tried to get a loan but i have good credit. i also have a trust option that i may or may not have access to depending on if i want to go through the mess of dealing with my parents which can be more trouble then its worth...

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    Your odds of finding a landlord that would let you have a grooming shop in their house is nil to none in my opinion. Most places don't even want to take pets at all let alone let you run a pet related business out of their house.

    I would look into the daycare or vet aspect if it were me.


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