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    Default Disaster-prevention grooming

    I do disaster-prevention visits of as little as 15 minutes for kitties who need regular grooming. Fee is usually about half my hourly rate. Shave off mats, trim claws, brush out shedding fur. In and out, no frills, 4-6 week schedule. If there are 3 cats in a home, I might spend an hour there, split between the 3 cats -- in that case, I charge my usual hourly rate. I don't advertise this, because I fear I'll get people who expect miracles in that quick visit. It's something I offer to clients I trust.
    Anyone else do "disaster-prevention" grooming?

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    I have had situations like this arise at my shop, at the door. If not by appointment, we work them in if possible. Sometimes we can't. Usually it happens with someone adopting a pet that was not made over before adoption, so we really want to help and hopefully we can make a customer of them. Good for you Emma helping out.


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