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    Hang in there Honey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyandChewiespal View Post
    My wonderful Saturday bather is leaving me. He's a junior in college and just told me he won a neuropsychology internship at MIT. Since he's planning on med school this is wonderful news, and terribly sad for me. Neither of my other two bathers can fill in on Saturdays ( one is working as a tech and the other is on a semi-pro tennis team that practices and plays tournaments on Saturdays ).
    It was bound to happen. He's a bright young man with a fantastic future ahead of him.
    On the other hand, the clinic is still running short hours on Saturdays. I can manage 6 or 7 on my own on the short days without killing my hands too badly. Planning on making sure that only my best dogs are scheduled on those days. Fortunately I have enough weekend regulars that are full time residents to be able to pad the schedule accordingly. Everything always happens for a reason and everything always manages to work out.
    Did he leave yet, and did it work out?

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    How is the staffing going now?

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