💎 Are You Ready To Groom Cats?💎

Thereís a rumor going around that cats can be successfully groomed without the stylist ending up in the ER.

You may have even heard this from your colleagues:

🎉 I love grooming cats!

🎉 There is such a shortage of cat groomers in my area that Iím considering going cat exclusive.

🎉 I speak cat.


Neither! They are knowledgeable about handling cats safely and humanely. And you can be too!

Did you know you can:

️ Understand feline body language so you too can speak cat.

️ Provide a pleasant and relaxing environment for both you and the cat.

️ Safely bathe most cats.

Cat grooming is rewarding and can be profitable right from the start.

💥 Finally An Easy To Understand Cat Grooming Online Workshop 💥

In this Amazing Workshop, taught by the East Coast Chair of The Professional Cat Grooming Association Of America, you will learn how to:

🌹 Determine the cats state of mind by observing the tail, eyes, ears, and vocalizations.

🌹 Understand how a cats reads your body language.

🌹 Provide a calm and nurturing environment using stress reducers particular to cats.

🌹 Safely bathe and dry cats with different methods.

and more!

💎💎 Hi, I am Mary Oquendo. I have been grooming cats for 17 years. My introduction to cat grooming was baptism by fire when a cat just appeared on my grooming table 3 days after becoming a groomer. Over the years, Iíve learned to successfully and safely groom cats. Let my vast experience help you to become a cat groomer. 💎💎

💥 Ready To Groom Cats? 💥

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Date: Sunday, April 30th

Time: 6PM EST

Just $47 Right Now!


Plus, there's bonuses!

💙 Worksheets and Handouts so that you can continue to evolve your cat grooming business.

💙 Workshops are recorded for your future use.

You'll also get access to our free Private Community to discuss cat grooming with other students!