Nice to see there is a major awakening of better treatment of dogs, at least for some, step at a time. (photos)

ZHEJIANG, East China — When Zhu Guojun’s dog died in 2012, it was buried at the top of a hill in the countryside because Zhu didn’t know there were any other options. But when he and his wife came to visit the next day, they found that the dog’s body had been dug up by wild animals. “I was so shocked and devastated,” Zhu tells Sixth Tone.

The incident inspired Zhu to found ForPets, a pet funeral services company in Hangzhou, and devote himself to the pet cremation and interment industry. With rich experience in the field of environmental protection, he and his research team developed pollution-free incinerators installed inside a van. “It looks like a regular Iveco [van] from the outside, but inside there’s a high-tech incinerator,” Zhu says.

The pet industry has grown tremendously in China in recent years. As disposable incomes rise and attitudes toward animals change, people — especially city-dwellers — increasingly lavish attention and money on their pets, spending on everything from pet hotels to pet spas. Estimates place the value of the industry in 2016 at 130 billion yuan ($18.8 billion), and experts predict that consumption will grow to more than 200 billion yuan by 2020...............