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    Mad Obese Dogs

    Just last week, I had to groom 2 very obsess dogs. My biggest concern is a heart attack. Does anyone say No to grooming these dogs?

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    Nope, they still must be groomed.
    Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.

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    That would be cruel to turn them away........because:

    1). Slap in the face to the owner, who wants to keep Fluffy on a grooming schedule. How fast do you think they would go to another salon if they were turned away by you ?

    2). Slap in the face to the doggie, who goes home with dirty ears, long nails, long hair under paws, no santi trim, full of dander and matts, long shaggy hair.........

    I have several obese dogs and they are no more trouble than the next dog....nor did they have a heart attack.
    Think about many hair salons, dentists, physicians, missuses refuse their services to obese people due to a potential heart attack ??

    Happy grooming chubby-wobbies

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    Personal belief- We are the keepers off the pets. We are the line of defense for them. We are the ones with the power to See, Suggest and Educate our human clients. We are the eyes, ears and hands that God put on this earth to keep humans grounded in the fact that, although our pets are our buddies, they are still animals and cannot speak in words to help themselves. We are the ones to communicate for them. We are the in between, the connection. It is not their their fault most times, but the humans that keep them. And quite frankly it distudisturbs the inner core of my soul that there are some groomers out there that only do it for the money. Yes it is business. Yes we make money for a service that we provide. But there are so many in our profession that abuse the position we were put in to care for the animals. Yes we will come across owners that don't listen to us and don't heed our advice. But we are the keepers and it is not fair to the animals to turn away for being fat.

    Not trying to be mean. That is just the way I feel

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    Hate hate hate to see obese dogs. Owners need to educate themselves on healthy weight and nutrition and not just think it's cute or funny. But, the poor dog is suffering enough as it is. At least we can help him not go home obese AND matted to hell. Obese AND full of packed undercoat. Obese AND grossly overgrown nails (imagine the aches and pain of those two combined). Owners may not listen to our advice about his weight, but we can still give that poor dog SOME comfort with our grooming and care. So yes, I will groom your obese dog and make him feel a tiny bit better. I will support his full body to ease up on the stress of his joints and I will let him take breaks when needed.

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    Mad Mad

    Yes, I agree. These poor dogs still need to be groomed, and anything I can do to make them feel even a bit better, I'll do. I also ask the owner about the dog's medical history and when they saw the vet last. I may tell them I'm concerned about a probable heart condition or diabetes due to the excess weight. Or, maybe a thyroid check? Always said in a way that doesn't accuse the owner, but shows real concern for the dog's health. Secretly, tho, I'd like to throttle these people for the 'cruelty' they're inflicting on the pets they love so much.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!

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    Agree with much of what is said before this. When checking a pet in I may note the weight and comment- one way if it's a pet I've seen before and a slightly different way for first time pets. All is said in the interest of the health of the pet. Sometimes that involves digging and finding out EVE RYTHING they feed the pet and it's exercise regimen. Generally if the owner is overweight the pet will be overweight, but the super thin tend to compensate for their own denial by over feeding Fido. Sometimes the owners aren't truly aware as to the extent of the weight gain since it has been gradual, or they don't know that a sudden weight gain can be the result of a serious health issue. Either way we need to educate and advise and guide our human clients in the right direction for the sake of our canine and feline clients.
    No matter what I will groom the pet but I DO charge a higher rate simply for the extra time and the extra wear and tear on my body holding them up.


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