We were approached by a local support group with people struggling with little or no insurance for advanced cancer treatments. All are stage 3 or 4, so it is really serious. The support group helps relocate pets when necessary as the victim is not expected to live but a few more months. What they ask is when the signs are there that we will groom the pet for those that have no relatives to go to. I agree with them a fresh groom helps make the pets more appealing and so we agree to give a fresh groom. If they are financially destitute they also say we can volunteer grooms. OMG I am so happy to help and we did a couple last week. These dogs obviously are stressed, they know. Some of the cancer victims in late stages are hospital bed bound and cannot even get on the bed with their owners. We give them lots of love, and I hope a chance for a new home if it goes that far. Had a very emotional day, the look in their eyes, but so glad I did it.