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Thread: Lucas Terrier

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    Nerdy Lucas Terrier


    I am a newbee. I am looking for some direction on how to best groom a Lucas Terrier (Jack)? Jack is an adult dog. Direction to include clipper settings, Etc. Thanks...

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    Default I hadn't even heard of the breed!

    Had to do some reading on the Lucas Terrier, seems like a really nice breed of dog! A Terrier without the well...terror! (haha, I'm joking Terrier peeps!)

    Here is a link I found for all things Lucas Terrier:

    I would hand-strip if you got the time and energy, the dog has a neat looking coat!

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    Thank you so much.. Jack is an amazing member of our family. So happy he picked us, when we went to the shelter. Blessings...


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