This is Winston. He was adopted this week by my clients from a family friend that is terminally ill and could no longer take care of him. I think she hadn't been taking care of him other than feeding him for a while, by the look of him.

He is a sweet older boy, and was covered in mats around his ruff, ears and pants area. The new owners were thinking shaving him down was their only option, but once I took a look at his coat, I realized he is single-coated with not much hair other than in the areas where the mats were concentrated, his ruff and pants. So I asked the owners if I could try dematting him and thinning the hair to avoid future mat issues, if it wouldn't be too much for him, and they agreed.

Because of Itza and her recommendations of K9 Competition products, when I bought my van, I invested in a lot of their products to try them out. I use Strip Off on all new clients now as a first shampoo as it cleans and deodorizes extremely well without drying out the skin or coat. I like it better than the Grimenator and Filthy Beast type shampoos. But the product that made the mats melt away was the K9 Nano Mist!!

I tried Quicker Slicker and that didn't work at all. I moved on to The Stuff, and that also did nothing. I thought I was going to have to shave him after all. Then I remembered I had the Nano Mist. I sprayed it on, rubbed it into the mats and warmed it under the dryer while I worked with a plastic tipped soft slicker and the mats came out like they weren't even there. I am so impressed with these products. Thanks Itza!! So glad I listen to you!!

Winston before1-sm.jpg Winston before

Winston before-sm.jpg Winston before

Winston after-sm.jpg Winston after