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    I have finally registered. I have been reading threads on the forum for years but never took the plung until today. I'm have begun the process of what is going to be required of me to start my own business. I have been frequenting the forum more then usual the last few months to get others experiences with produces they have tried. Just like the rest of you every dollar i can save is great but i don't want to compromise on quality either just to save a buck. I have learned in the long run i was always grateful when i didn't.

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    Well hello guest now fabfur! Good luck with your business!
    There's always room for another rose in the garden.

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    Welcome Fabfur! I did pay more for my ceramic plank floors vs vinyl, ceramic tile tub vs a stainless-steel lift tub, and quality grooming equipment based on many recommendations from this forum. The quality shows to my customers who constantly tell me how my shop feels like a little home. I saved some money by doing all the painting myself and all the construction cleaning. There are definite areas to save money, and only you know what areas you want to spend those extra funds on. Good luck and this is a great forum for any help.

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