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    My mother sent me to grooming school to learn to cut the family pet. She said she would pay if I took care of the dog for life. After finishing I saw an ad in the local newspaper reading "dog grooming or home or mine" I was 17 years old and fearless so I posted my own ad. By the summer after I finished High school I was clipping 20 dogs a week about half at home and the rest in clients homes. That was in 1970. I grew up had to get a real job./ I always groomed my own dogs, and a few for family and friends. I retired last year, and started doing house call grooms. I live in a small town in Northern Michigan and am doing 3-4 dogs a week, and enjoying my new career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Fluff_Pawlor View Post
    My second dog was a shy and terrified little baby. I took him to 3 groomers and all managed to nick and cut him, im guessing because he would move too much. But no one told me or stopped working on him after seeing how stressed he must have been. So i decided to take him to get groomed at the vet. I figured even if i have to pay more atleast if something happens its a vets office and they will take care of him. 30min after dropping him off the groomer called me and told me how scared and terrified my dog was and that he was just shaking like a leaf and she did not want to end up hurting him if he moved or give him a scary groomimg experience cause he was still a little young. So she recomended i bring him once or twice a month in the morninng as her first groom so she can have a more calm invironment for him without other dogs and she can take her time with him and go slow and gentle. After that phone call i knew i knew i wanted to provide that to other pet parents that had the same horrible experience as me dealing with groomers who just wanted to make their 30 40$ real quick and call it a day...instead of treating my dog with love and care. I paid almost 20$ more every month if not two times a month and took my dog to the groomer at the vet just because she cared more about the safety of my dog than 50$.

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    A little late to this thread but just love this story! My pups are both 13 now and had such anxiety about grooming that I started doing them myself a couple of years ago. I landed a bather job at the place I had been taking them. It was so loud, busy, and uncomfortable! I felt that options were limited in this area... and now I'm a mobile groomer (well, getting the trailer put together at the moment, but within the month)!

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