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    Unsure Becoming a distributor

    Has anyone here taken on being a distributor for a product line as well as grooming? There are some things that are hard to get here (in Australia). Through on-line correspondence with some of these companies, it has been suggested that I become a distributor for their products. I never thought of it, and I've just started my grooming business (6 months). I am wondering what it intails, how much time and energy it will take, what the initial outlay of money might be...Bacically I know nothing and am looking for any tips hints and ideas! I don't want to take on anything too big, I want to focus on my grooming business. But it could be a way to make just that little bit more money, especially during the slow times. Any thoughts and suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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    Default Pet Food Distributor

    I recently started distributing high grade pet food. I have been using this pet food for my own pets for over 5 years and they have just started distributing it in my area.
    I am not pushing it unless someone asks what I feed my pets, because grooming is my first priority. But it has been very easy to promote.

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    Default Each company is different

    I would just send them a email and ask. I have started becoming a distributor for several products. Each company is different. I have a natural pet food that I am a distributor for. I don't have to carry anything. I just tell the client about it and they get a order code number from me that they use when they order the food. This order code lets the company know who recommended the food. After so many orders I get a check in the mail. When the client orders the food if they were to move away I would still get credit for it.

    I have also looked into other products. Some you have a small minimum order to get started. I thought you would have to have a huge order but not usually.

    I just research online and then contact the company.

    I hope this helps.

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    Why dont we have a Pet Esthe distributor in the states!???


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