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    Smile Magazine Article: A Study of the pH of Pet and Human Shampoos

    By Barbara Bird CMG

    Mythology of Shampoo pH

    by Barbara Bird, CMG


    We hear a lot of talk from pet shampoo sales persons that pet groomers should beware of using human shampoos on pets. One of the reasons given for this warning is that pets and humans have significantly different pH of hair and skin and that products formulated for human pH levels might be harmful to pets.

    An excerpt from a website giving guidance to pet owners says, “Your dog’s coat and skin is different from your own and requires different grooming products. The first step is to choose a shampoo that has been formulated for dogs with the right pH and appropriate ingredients for their skin. Human products are too acidic for your dog’s skin and can strip the natural oils from the coat and skin.”1 Recently, this warning has shown up on YouTube as, “The Dangers of Using Human Shampoo on Pets.” This lecture cites different pH balance as one of the main reasons for concern.

    The citing of the differences in pH of pet products as the rationale for admonishment against using off-label products has begun to have the qualities of a myth. We accept as fact that there is some huge difference between the pH pet and human products. What is the truth about pH? .................
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    Excellent article, no wonder, BBird. Good conclusions backed with lots of references, pro article.


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