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    Smile Magazine Article: Mix It Up: A Poodle in Disguise

    Mackensie Murphy

    As everyday groomers it is safe to say we all grow a little tired of executing the same trims over and over; #4 blade on the body, round head, #1 comb pattern, DON’T trim the ears. Every so often we land clients who hand the artistic reigns over to us, letting groomers do whatever they wish. I love the beautiful phrase written on top of a client note card stating “groomers choice.”

    I follow this green light with an immediate scan of any and every intriguing, flashy or adorable haircut I have ever seen and stored away in my mental file called “Grooms to Try One Day.” You understand......................
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    WAH, I cannot get a single customer to let me do this.

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    One of my girls is going to be doing this next week, or so she says. Hopefully we can get a pix.


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