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    Laugh New and wanted to say hello.

    Hello everyone. My name is Annette, i am a pet grooming in Kissimmee fl. I have been a groomer for 10 years. Yes i am only 28. I got into grooming b/c i was raised with poodles. and my dad always grooming them himself, and i all ways was intrested in learning the correct way to groom... well anyway, I am starting to cord my Red mini, and i found this thread looking on info on cordind. So i guess thats about it,, I will be posting here and there I hope i get to know some other groomers in the area,!

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    Hi, there, welcome!
    I am really interested in seeing pics of your corded miniature poodle! He sounds awesome!
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    Hi I'm pretty new here too! Nice to meet you


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