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    Skeptical Paragon students and recent graduates of other schools

    Hi, I am 45 and work in a kennel environment. I wish to excel into grooming and since I only have one shot at a school I want to do it right. I am looking for feedback from recent graduates that attended Paragon and/or other accredited pet grooming schools. I need TOTAL HANDS-ON experience both sissoring and electric, bathing,fluffing,ect, with as many different breed styles as I can get. I hear stories of those that sit hours in front of a computer or only have 1 or 2 dogs to train on, and for me that doesn't get it done. I ask that you Please share your experiences so I as well as others who read this have a solid direction to travel. Thank you in advance

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    Paragon is top rate according to the grads I know and look Melissa wrote the best how-to book for many breeds and did pretty darn good credentials. It's a nice facility too and you can see that on YouTubes.

    By the way I started out with an online course before going to school and I don't know exactly what you mean about only doing 1 or 2 dogs. You can do as many pets as you want in home study. They require you do so many, but you set the limits. Do all you can.

    Enjoy school!

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    Cute 1 or 2 dogs

    I mention 1 or 2 dogs because I have come across some feedback that students stated they had limited dogs to train on leaving many hours of idled school time gaining no experience thus spending lotsa money and not getting a decent schooling. Also I have indeed watched the intro and a vid or two about paragon, but its the real world results that one gets in the end that carves the way to a rewarding career.

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    Default Paragon or Merryfield seem to have the best reputation

    I attended 2 schools in the Tampa area and wouldn't recommend either of them. I supplemented my education with Paragon's If I had it to do over again, I would attend either Paragon or Merryfield. As it is , I hope to pursue advanced training at Paragon by the end of the year. It's hard to choose a school when you don't know what to look out for and heartbreaking to realize after the fact that you spent thousands of dollars and didn't get what you expected.

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    I went to Paragon just a couple weeks ago for a cat grooming seminar and met Melissa, her husband, and some of the teachers. It felt like a family there. The entire staff was VERY warm and welcoming as well as the students. They offered lots of knowledge and if I had the opportunity i'd attend this school without a second thought! Good luck!


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