So it's been a while since I've been in this website! Well at least posting anyways. I was looking back at all my silly posts ha, I feel like a I've made leaps and bounds in regards to grooming since grooming school in 07 . For the most part it clicks! Well except those cocker spaniels.

I've been working a Corporation store grooming salon since June 09 bathing. I groomed some clients dogs on the side and kept up my skills for the most part. I took a technical in December and finally started grooming in the salon part time. I was hesitant to begin grooming there because of the time I take on my dogs. I like them to look good and being honest I'm just not a fast groomer. I work with girls who can do 6 or 7 dogs a day and still do customer service answer phones etc. I can do 3 dog easily, and can fit a fourth one in. But there's no 5 or 6 dogs a day happening. At least not in a setting where the phone rings off the hook and some one always needs help!I work in the fast food of grooming ha. Mot pet parents want them done super fast and don't care about the fact that I catch those extra hairs or dont take short cuts. Plus I'm currently dealing with back issues so it prevent me from doing most large dogs. So I am considering starting a housecall business (part time my other love is fitness)and eventually quitting my current grooming job.

I was wondering what type of business license and insurance most people have to attain for this? Is there an insurance that covers pet sitting and other similar service types? Like a combo?

I am unclear on the recirc system and what it does and how I would hook it up in people's houses or use it in their bath tub? My first thoughts were to just mix shampoo and hand rinse with a bucket. Or shower head if they had one.

What type of dryer do you bring? I have read some of them blow fuses in homes.

Do you carry a variety of different muzzle sizes?

Do you use a groomers helper? Or what happens with dogs who are super jumpy, wiggly, or bitey. Are pet parents allowed to hold or is there a waiver they should sign first? I'd hate to get sued for a stupid reason!

What type of Shop vac do you have?

Those of you do dogs that blow coats out with the hv, how do you clean all the hair up? And prevent it was going down the drain?

I have been reading through a lot of the threads.