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    Laugh Software with appointment reminder and pet pickup calls via telephone

    Hi folks!

    I'm researching grooming software with the ability to do automatic, phone-call appointment reminders. I've seen several posts on this forum with software packages that do email and text messages, but don't see anything with automatic phone-call based reminders. Does anyone have experience with software that does this?

    What about software that will alert the owner (via phone call or text message) when the pet is finished and ready for pick-up?

    I appreciate any input. Thanks!

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    Beaming PetLinx does this

    Hi I have PetLinx and it does this, you can send SMS appointment reminders to clients but if they don't have a mobile, it will automatically send a voice message to their home or work number instead. You can also choose to send voice messages to all clients instead of SMS if you prefer.
    Hope this helps!

    Linda :-)


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