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    Default Webinar - The Sixty Minute Health & Wellness Groom by Ellen Ehrlich - Wed, April 11th

    The Sixty Minute Health & Wellness Groom - Wednesday, April 11th, 8:00-9:00 pm EST

    When Ellen Ehrlich started her mobile business right out of school she groomed a St. Bernard the first week and every dog took hours or more. By going to seminars and conventions, being an avid reader, and constantly challenging herself, she slowly began to carve those minutes away as she improved her skills. She can now groom a small dog that is on the proper maintenance groom schedule in sixty minutes or less. At the same time Ellen began to “reorganize” her business. Her appointment book became full of cooperative cats and small dogs in maintenance trims with accommodating owners.

    There are two parts to this “how-to” seminar. Ellen will share her philosophy with you and explain how to set up your grooming business, whether it be shop, home, housecall or mobile, so that most small dog trims are 60 minutes or less, guaranteeing you more grooms in a day with less stress and wear and tear on you as you build the ideal relationship with your customers.

    Topics covered include breeds, styles, pricing, prep tips, bathing tips, drying tips, and grooming tips with the emphasis on your health and well being. Let Ellen guide you to making every groom a healthy, happy 60 minutes or less.

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    If you’re going to Atlanta Pet Fair and get a chance to see Ellen Sachs Ehrlich’s seminar go if you can. Watched her webinar last night and even though I'm a shop owner I learned a lot.... I really enjoyed it and plan on attending more. Thanks Ellen, Susan Kinser

    Great Webinar! I have been grooming a long time (10 years) and still learned a lot from you tonight Ellen. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us! Overall informative, motivating and inspiring! I needed a boost to make the next big move in my mobile business and this did the trick for me. I am a year and a half in and already feeling burn out, you have inspired me to take a stand against my "dread days" and the clients that make it that way. I cannot thank you enough Ellen! Nicole Wiseman

    "WHoo Hoo! Started @ 9:30 got done @ 3:00. Had 7 dogs today and started seeing what I could do to 'carve' time off my grooms like Ellen Ehrlich, says in her webinar called, "The Sixty Minute Health and Wellness Groom." On some, I was done in less than 60 cause I cleaned up while the dogs are still in the rig. THANKS again, Ellen! You're the Bomb!" Victoria Blair

    "Ellen's webinar The Sixty Minute Health & Wellness Groom is worth every penny! While I'm not mobile many of the tips, ideas, time savers are worth any groomer using. Shawn Shurman

    As I leave home (for the second time today to groom dogs) and venture to an evening appointment I will be summoning my inner Ellen Ehrlich when re-booking them and telling them I will no longer do evening appointments! This is all in thanks to Ellen’s Health & Wellness webinar last night, she "challenged" us to make some changes so here we go! I can do this! Nicole Wiseman

    "Your Health And Wellness Webinar was fantastic Ellen!!!" Carol Fox

    Your Heath & Wellness webinar was a great way to pick up some new tips and tricks!! Ellen covers taking care of you, the dog, your equipment, scheduling, working with your clients and getting them working with you too! Michelle Reddy-Young

    I loved your Sixty Minute Health And Wellness seminar. Kathy Tonetti

    After Ellen Sachs Ehrlich webinar I decided to invest in myself and buy a trimmer. The clippers I have now are great, but they hurt my hand to hold. Thank you Ellen, Jennifer Bright

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