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    Default IC at a vet clinic

    I am looking for a new salon. I've always been interested in being an IC but I don't know much about it and don't want to be taken advantage of. I saw an ad that did not say you would be an IC, but the things they laid out made it seem as much except for a few parts.

    Basically I would pay 1000 a month plus 10 percent of all grooms. This sOunds pretty steep to me. Also they said I would supply my own tools shampoo blah blah. I'm not sure if this includes table and dryers and I don't have those things. The thing is they pointed out how much te average cost of a groom is. I know as an IC that inset my own prices and times.

    Basically I want to know how to approach them about a contract and that I can set my own prices and such. And anything helpful about being IC.

    I would really appreciate it .

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    $1000 AND 10%? No way. A flat table fee only.

    Your prices, your hours, your business (cause you will have a business license and ur own insurance).

    Talk to them. Feel them out. See if they have the kennels, and tubs, and tables, and dryers, or if u will need to supply all that. Shampoos, Towels, ect is all on you.

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    Percentage rent is somewhat common in the US. But if I was paying $1000 already, no percentage, at least in most areas of the US. There could be some very upscale high rent areas where this would be reasonable.

    Would that include utilities. Some people in some areas of the US don't realize that a tiny salon in some states pays $500 just for electricity, and they would pay $125 for the same amount of electricity in their state.

    To really advise you, we would have to know what rents are. Again, some groomers don't realize that even non prime, not even close to prime, but commercial space rents for $3 a square foot per month. In fact I have some in urban cities groomers paying $10 a month per square foot, but they get top prices thankfully to make up and they work in tight quarters.

    So again, it's all about what's relative for your area.

    I always start with asking what are you being asked to pay, AND ONLY THEN come back with an offer to pay $XXX plus %. So percentage rent is usually a COUNTER offer to high rent areas.
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    It's best to get all the details - as others have said, discuss what they supply, what they expect you to supply, hours of operation, support staff (receptionist services), etc. Without looking at the space and getting a sense of their clientele, it's hard to evaluate the situation. If they are in an excellent area with high-end clientele, that's one thing. If they are in a poor area, that's another thing altogether.


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