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    Confused Intrigued, but concerned

    Hi everyone! I don't post much to this forum, but I've been a lurker for many years. I'm about to embark on my life long dream of owning my own salon! I'm super excited, of course, but would like to make sure I'm going into it with a great business plan. I've read a lot about the Grooming Business in a Box, and ALMOST ordered it today. I stopped myself because most of the information I'm finding is dated 2010 or older. It's 2012 now! Has anyone used it recently? Is it really worth it? I like that it's specific to the pet industry. Everything else I find is too generic, and the pet industry definitely needs special treatment. :-)

    I'd also love to talk to anyone who has recently opened a salon that would be willing to answer some questions and have advice. I've been grooming a long time, and managing a corporate salon for many years. I understand how to run a business for someone else, but I know I'm missing some details, like insurance and payroll taxes and such. I've done a lot of research already. The location I'm planning to use has very few groomers and pet facilities right now, and the demand is high. I know this, because the corporate salon I currently work for is an hour away, and we groom numerous pets from this area. I hear everyday about the lack of pet services in this area. I'd really like to jump on this opportunity before someone else figures this out, too.

    Thank you in advance for your help


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    I'm using it now. Best thing I could have EVER bought hands down!! My boyfriend was skeptical about me getting it... Today he told me thank god we did! It is reallllllyyyyy informative and makes you think about the whole aspect of your business.
    The best part was when I started to get tired of doing it, it seemed like it suddenly got a bit easier in the next section... It helps you relax and realize you really can do it!


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    Owning a salon is much like owning any other service business. Generic business guides can also be a great help, in addition to the Groomer in a Box. Since you already know how to groom and how to deal with the "people" aspect of salons, you're off to a great start. Referring to insurance and payroll taxes as details - that was meant humorously, right? Making a profit means paying very close attention to ALL the money that goes out the door. I worked for someone who focused on the people and sales aspect of a small contracting business. He was pulling in $900,000 a year in sales and making no profit. He was in the red. He let his overdue taxes build up, didn't pay attention to his commercial lease terms, and kept getting increases in worker's comp fees due to reluctance to challenge claims. Good luck with your business. Exciting!


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