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    Oops Opinions Needed, Please... This is not a Solititation... This is a question for all

    I was wondering, I had an idea, if beauticians rent booths or stations, for an amount of money each week, would Groomers like to be able to do that also?
    I mean, be your own boss, rent a station in a building, that you pay rent for each week, say it runs you about 5 dogs a week, and the rest of the money you earn is yours.
    Would Groomers be interested in doing that.
    You would have to either bring your own clientele or build one there with walk-in's, just like beauticians.
    Buy your own products, take care of your own equipment, you know, like owning your own business, just without the overhead of the building its self.
    Make your own pricing, be your own boss, all money you make is yours. What do you think, is it a good idea or would that never work???

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    So you have, say, five tables to rent, five groomers, each groomer brings her own equipment, dryer, clipper vac and ten gallons of shampoo and conditioner. That's fifty gallons of shampoo and conditioner to be put...where? Does each station have it's own bath tub and room for ten gallons of shampoo and conditioner and an extra dryer to blow out a shedding dog in the tub?

    And what if three groomers like to do dogs one at a time and the other two want all the dogs brought in between 8 and 9 am and hold them until between 3 and 4 pm. Would there be room for the extra dogs?

    Would you provide adequate locker space so if Mitzi opted to take Tuesday off she can lock up all her stuff and then she doesn't have to worry about anyone swiping shampoo from her stock or using her better, expensive dryer to do a Newfie because the other groomer bought a piece of junk?

    And who gets dibs on the walk-ins if three groomers have the time to do the one walk-in groom? Do they flip a coin?

    I think this is one of those theoretical ideas that looks good on paper and works in your mind but could be a nighmare in reallity.

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    Default This situation has been done before

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We had one such operation years ago in PHX. It was interesting, as each groomer had a "stall" wouldn't call it a room...but there was a big tub room, everyone had to carry in the stuff they were using for bathing, it was open for a few years, but finally went under...just too much drama and confusion for the owner(of the building)...

    they did have a pretty interesting way to divvy up the walk in's...the had ping-pong balls in a tube, each with a name. the one at the bottom got the first call. If that groomer didn't want or have time, the ball went back in the top of the tube and the next ball/groomer was contacted...this kept things pretty even. If you turned down that walk in, you didn't have a chance at the next one, you had to wait until your turn came around again. That at least seems oretty fair.

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    Default Someone else trying this

    I have seen an ad for this somewhere on this site, with a floor plan.

    I would totally not be interested on so many levels, and yes, the room or storoage or whatever would mainly have to be individual and lockable.

    Seems like a lot of complications to me, unless you happen to be in some area where there are so many dogs to groom that there are not enough groomers.

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    This has actually been done for a long time, but not widespread. In fact, that is how I learned, at least at one time, in Texas someone was doing this and discovered pet groomers either had to be all IC, or all employees, in any one business.

    As others have said you have a lot of policies to consider and then you have to reflect everything in a pretty solid contract that mentions all of the operations policies.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the FAQ section, or in the Board Help Forum. Thanks for coming to

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    I kinda do this, I own the shop, friend rents table space by paying a % of her grooms. Her own table,2 dryers, product, towels, cell phone, etc. She only takes cash or cheq(she used to be in her home) she doesn't want or need any more clients, so thats not issue, and does one at time. Works for us. But our circumstances are unique.

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    There is a place in Raleigh NC that is set up that way. You can have private area (which is more expensive) or a more open area. The floor plan was on here several weeks ago I believe. I know it has been advertised on craigslist as well.


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