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    Beaming Help with Grooming a Yorkie-poo and a Maltese

    I inherited the sweetest little dogs. Her owner/Daddy died January 28th 2012. She is 11 years old and has a sister who is also 11, we inherited too that is a white Maltese.

    We have 3 dachshunds which is why my screen name is Doxielvr3. It is an interesting life having 5 little dogs now. Previously I have groomed poodles so I know how to cut hair but never a Yorkie poo or a Maltese.

    Suzi-Q a black curly Yorkie-poo that has gray through out her hair probably due to her age now.

    I have searched and searched the internet and I am still unsure how to trim her. She has floppy ears and a mustache. Do you keep mustaches on female dogs or is this for males? She has a docked tail too.

    Can someone direct me to images of curly yorkie-poo's? Also how to trim a Maltese would be nice too


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    It's entirely personal preference, since there is no official standard for mixed breeds. If you like her mustache, then by all means keep it! Lots of female dogs get mustaches. If she has very curly hair, you can just look up Poodle grooms and decide on a style you like. In my experience, yorkiepoos mat very quickly, so consider how much brushing you want to do when deciding on a style.

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    I know people will think I am crazy but I trimmed off the Maltese mustache and like her clean face better. With her being white she gets a nasty nasty face quickly and it is like gluey booger stuff probably from her eyes. But I trimmed off the Yorkie-poo's and didn't like it so once it grew out I put it back. I have yet to clip the Yorkie-poo's body. I watched the video that came with my Andis clippers and it only has a video for poodles. Do you do the neck the same where you clip it clean? I don't want a poodle look but more of a puppy look. That video was terrific I just wish that there came more for different styles.

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    I love clean faces on most breeds! But I'm crazy like that.
    I would do a Maltese face like a Chinese Crested Powderpuff instead of a full clean face like a Poodle. Here's a good video on the technique:

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    Trimmed the Yorkie-poo tonight. Goodnight this dog had hair that wouldn't end. I cut and cut and cut I think enough hair to make 2 more dogs. She looks nice. It is a even type of puppy cut all over except I left her a tiny mustache and kept her cute floppy ears and was a bit confused just how to do the top of her head. I have only trimmed poodles before. I think it will be ok.

    Now to bow down to all you people who do this for a living. How in this world do you stand it. I was so itchy and felt so gross after a while. I would never be able to stand doing dog after dog day after day.

    Thank you.

    I will look at that video for the Maltese.


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