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    Anyone using Smart Service by My Service Depot? I am a new mobile groomer and looking for a program that both integrates with Quickbooks and has Geo-aided scheduling. The company president claims to have over 1400 mobile grooming customers but I have not found anyone using it. Please speak up if you use it and like it or had negative experiences.


    David @ Phat Dawgz Mobile Grooming

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    never heard of it and I did a ton of research on this topic. Maybe the company meant they have one groomer using it with 1400 clients..

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    I haven't heard of it either and have been researching software for dog grooming and appointment making for months.

    ask him for a list of company names - even a short list would help.

    I'm interested if it works.

    I keep thinking about using so my clients can book their own appointments online but with routing it's a problem. They say I can add a field that could determine which available appointments they see. I added a neighborhood field and thought I could force clients of one neighborhood to book on the same day and clients of another to book on a different day and so on. Or maybe I want to be in my neighborhood for the first appointment of each day - or maybe even the first and last appointment of each day. I don't know. I just don't want to have to shlep uptown and them downtown and then uptown again.

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    I am mostly interested in the geographic scheduling aspect of their software and the fact it self populates data to quickbooks.

    OK so I asked for references and they only gave me one. It is an Aussie Pet Mobile in CA. I would like to add a few vans down the road but for now there is just one to schedule. I really do not think that is a good reference because I'm sure that they are booking appoints for multiple vans (more than 2-3). I will contact the reference but I want to get some feedback beforehand. I also am asking for a reference that started using their software with just one unit. My concern is their software may be overkill for a groomer working for herself. I believe if I had a fleet with a full time dispatcher It would be a no-brainier. Please go ahead and shoot me your questions/concerns.

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    Any luck with that?

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    Wow imagine one groomer trying to serve that many. I doubt the has 1,400 mobilers using this product. Maybe downloaded, maybe other types of mobile businesses, but groomers? Nah.

    Quote Originally Posted by Downtowndogs View Post
    never heard of it and I did a ton of research on this topic. Maybe the company meant they have one groomer using it with 1400 clients..


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