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    Tech Ask A Pro Telephone Conference Calls Returning in 2012

    If you would like to suggest the names of "pros" for the Ask A Pro calls please do so here. Thanks.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the FAQ section, or in the Board Help Forum. Thanks for coming to

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    How about Jeff Andrews of Northern Tails Sharpening. I have enjoyed his articles and videos that are online as well. He could give quick pointers as to properly care for our expensive equipment. I am so glad that these are back! I learned so much last year. Thanks again.

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    Default for starters . . . .

    Oohhh Oooh , ummmm since I was away having a baby and trying to give up the whole professional groomer thing I miss ALL of the calls last year so I say . . . All the pros!! Starting with
    Chris and her vast knowledge of Aromatherapy, maybe she could also share some of her recent learned knowledge on how to choose the right shears or what to look for when buying them.
    Debi on how to groom smarter, not harder and Salon management . .
    Mary and her wonderful k9 first aid and grooming saftey
    Barbara with communication skills, proffessionalism, stress management
    Some Shampoo experts with the differences in PH, between soaps and detergents, why and what is safe and differences for/between cats and dogs and puppies and kittens . . .

    Gosh, just about any of the bloggers As I like the info they usually have to give :-)


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