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    Default I cannot find the original thread, Homemade shampoo...

    You can kick me off if I am out of line here, but I need to respond to many concerns... of products used and whether I need to disclose my ingredients on a homemade or manufactured dog shampoo.

    I feel that this needs to be addressed as a part of the basic education in this industry. If you are not trained in skin and tissue needs and concerns, and what to do if a problem arises or even what problem you may be dealing with, then what difference does it make what the ingredients in the shampoo are?

    I thank you! Brit for bringing up the main point here, does it work or doesnt it? Does it hurt or does it help? What ingredients are good and what ingredients, chemicals, pesticides, etc are harmful or could cause a reaction to the eyes or skin, how does it affect the skin and tissues in the long run, if the dog licks the fur is it going to cause harm in the long run? I have been studying these things for years. I want it to be part of the education in our industry, but no one cares about that. I could say anything about what is in this product but I have been nothing but honest in EVERY aspect throughout the years, revealed every ingredient (even though you either dont believe me or want the recipe) I just want the dogs to live a long healthy life, ya know why? Cause if it works on them it will work on us! Here is what you people on this forum are doing to this product...I am going to sell this to a big wig in the industry (soon) then you can trust them! And maybe they will shelve it cause the vets wont get a huge income from skin issues. I have many, many more miracle cures that I can move on to and I will get my money for this, where does that leave you and this industry? Or the poor doggies? So its one thing to ask for the ingredients, which I honestly disclosed, and its another thing to berate me for your own financial or personal interests which I know is the case in many of your negative comments. I would love to discuss this till all of your dogs are healed, have a GREAT DAY!

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    If you can't find the original thread,, which was closed by adm and then reopened, how did you know Brit made a comment? Personally I would never use anything on a dog that was made in someones kitchen. I will stick with the tried and true products. If you do sell it to some big wig in the industry,, good for you!!! Untill its tested and proven safe, its not for me. Thats just my opinion!!!

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    OK let's not get too hot please.

    We moved it, as we do many threads, to the appropriate forum by classification. Shampoos, conditioners etc are GroomingSuppliesTALK forum. Sometimes the "moved" notice expires quickly.

    Thanks for keeping cool everybody.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the FAQ section, or in the Board Help Forum. Thanks for coming to


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