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    Default My kiddos

    I haven't ever posted pics of my own. There is one of 3 of them trying to claim the couch at the same time, one of my super cool little mutt who is just way too cool to be seen w/ the other 3. Then some christmas pics, Lestat trying to look cool in his antlers, Isis cussing me out because she wasn't going to wear those stupid things and Venus who is embarrassed, but too defeated to protest. Angel, the super cool mutt was again too cool to be seen in front of the tree w/ those stupid antlers on. Isis, 140 lb chocolate dane, Venus 130 lb merle dane, Lestat 50 lb black labx and Angel, 30 lb super mutt. I swear my next dog is NOT going to be a shedder! Oh yeah, and I am a terrible housekeeper, so feel free to ignore any clutter, drool, or dog hair you might happen to see.
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE great danes! Def my fav breed

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    Your children are fantastic! What great dogs...and if that is terrible housekeeping, PLEASE don't come to my house! LOL!

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    They are cute! Love the expression of the reindeer photo

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    Cute Very cute!

    Thank you for sharing your babies!


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